Meet the new Workplace

Due to health recommendations, our office spaces will have to be rearranged.

The return of workers to the physical spaces of organizations can be a challenge. But organising workplaces, particularly in the allocation of people and materials, respecting distance and recommended practices, does not have to be an hard task.

With Workplace HUB you'll get an easy, automated and traceable way to manage all workstations across your organization's facilities.

Simulate new working layouts

Manage your office space and plan your employees' workstations by reconfiguring layout floors and defining seatings

Bookings & Approvals

Allow workstation reservations and approvals workflows to avoid unnecessary journeys around the building

Intelligent monitoring

Combine historical data to detect any link between people with signs of infection

Get a demo

Ask for a demo and start reconfiguring your organization's workplace.



HR or Contingency team define workstation availability.


Employees book, wait for approval and use the workspace.


HR get reports and can proactively manage the workspace.


Our tool has powerful features for you to use. These are our favorites:

Building floors

Digitalize your building floors and reorganize workstations according to health recommendations.


Allow daily or weekly bookings and set approval workflows.

Access Control

Limit unnecessary journeys across departments, floors or buildings. 


Trace +14 days historical proximity between employees with signs of infection.


Live analysis to quickly adapt your workspace to updated health recommendations.

Intelligent alerts*

Integrate with People HUB for intelligent alerts after an employee reports an infection


Canteen shifts

Digitalize your canteen floors and allow booking by shifts in order to avoid overcrowd.

Cafetaria layouts

Digitalize cafetaria layouts and define maximum capacity.

Meal bookings and pre-payments

Allow digital pre-payments and booking for meals to avoid unnecessary contact and physical transactions.


Easy integration with Microsoft Teams